Continuous development

Continuous development

The Manz business is looking forward.
This we emphasize.
It is our intention to continue offering you the best production environment for the manufacture of your product. An optimal result is very important to us as it allows you to be satisfied with our work. This is why we try to improve our processes and techniques every day. Our patented products give evidence for the quality of our workmanship.

Our partnership with notable institutes like the Fraunhofer Institut and the RWTH Aachen is part of our effort to make Research& Development a key sector of our business.

Projects like Smart-Stamping or High-Speed Cropping are a result of this cooperation.

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Martin Rohr
Martin Rohr
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Partners for research & development

Frauenhofer Institut Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung IFU Institut für Umformtechnik Bureau Veritas